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Church welcome put under scrutiny

1st August 2018

The latest set of Training Notes, uploaded to the  website this week, provides a series of tests for any church's welcome to visitors and newcomers at Sunday services. You can run these yourselves, but it is better to ask some recent newcomers to do the scoring for you.
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There are 20 questions to score on a scale from 0 to 5. These cover the areas of the congregation, the service itself, the surroundings and the systems, with five questions for each section.

Many churches describe themselves as 'friendly' or 'welcoming but in my experience they can come across as cold to newcomers because their friendship is with each other. These tests are designed to probe into how it feels to be a stranger at a church service.

Training Notes TN109, A test for your church's welcome, are now available in the Resources section of the website on the Training Notes page. As with all resources on the site, there is no charge for their use for up to 30 copies.