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But who organised Billy Graham's crusades?

22nd February 2018

Billy Graham's death yesterday, or 'change of address' as he preferred to call it taking a phrase originally used by DL Moody, has rightly led to large numbers of glowing tributes for such a remarkable man of God. I myself, as a schoolboy, 'went forward' at one of his meetings in 1966 and it changed the whole direction of my life.
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But large meetings and an international ministry, with radio and TV elements, do not take place without a considerable amount of operational work behind the scenes. So let us not forget those who served the overall organisation, whether in posts of major responsibility or in support and clerical roles. They were all part of God's great blessing on this humble and godly man's ministry.

The name that comes to my mind is Maurice Rowlandson, who died two and a half years ago, and who was UK Director of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for some years. But I use his name simply as a representative of hundreds of others who enabled this magnificent ministry which had such a great impact on the UK and the world.

Thank you, administrators all.