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Associate Consultants scheme sees increasing demand

17th September 2014

I launched my Associate Consultants scheme last autumn and it is now seeing increasing demand. The scheme enables churches to be helped when my diary prevents me from fitting in extra assignments or in areas outside my expertise.

I have a team of Associates, mostly senior Church Administrators whose churches are willing to release them for the benefit of other churches. There is no authorisation system at present and it is up to a church requesting help to ascertain whether those they are approaching can offer the kind of service they need.

Requests in the past month have included a church office/staffing review (I could not fit this in within the timescale they needed) and some specific IT support and training (well outside my expertise!).

The cost to the requesting church can be as little as expenses alone, although I reserve the right to charge a small introduction fee. Ask for details if you are interested.