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Administrator advice for the small church

28th September 2020

A new set of Training Notes has been uploaded to the Resources section of this website today. The small-church administrator shows how a typical Church Administrator appointment might be adapted for a small church.
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We are used to the idea of a paid member of staff working from a church office which becomes the hub of church activity. But that does not work for most small churches. So, instead, the notes give seven different ways of thinking.

  1. Assistant rather than Administrator
  2. Gofer rather than Secretary
  3. Responsibilities rather than tasks
  4. Home rather than office
  5. Flexible rather than fixed
  6. Voluntary rather than paid
  7. Limited rather than open-ended

There is then a final note on how to go about finding such a person with three possible areas to search: the congregation, the local community and other local churches.

TN126, The small-church administrator, can be found on the Training Notes index page.