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Resources e-letters

These are bimonthly emails sent to those who have asked to come on to the mailing list. They announce the arrival of new items in the main Resources pages of this website where there are now over 180 different Articles or sets of Training Notes, all available without charge.

Click on the red heading to read the full e-letter. To come on to the mailing list to receive these as they are published, see the Contact John page in this section.

Resources e-letter 14:6 - December 2014

A new set of Training Notes has been added to the website. There is an outline of TN84, How to say 'No' when you should, which has a range of applications, plus Christmas greetings.

Resources e-letter 14:5 - October 2014

This issue announces news of an extensively rewritten Church Health Review on the Health-checks page of the website. There is a reminder about the new website and two Twitter feeds.

Resources e-letter 14:4 - August 2014

A new article in two parts has been uploaded to the website, Roles for a church office.  There is also news of the new website which launched on 23rd July, of UCAN membership which has just passed the 1,000 mark, and reminders about autumn events.

Resources e-letter 14:3 - June 2014

There are now two more sets of Training Notes on the website with the arrival of TN82, Print or screen? and TN83, The service isn't over yet. There is also news of booking for five autumn Area Training Days for Administrators and the IT training day at Leeds in September.

Resources e-letter 14:2 - April 2014

Two more sets of Training Notes have today been added to the website: TN80, Staff salary scales and TN81, Changing the sceneryThere are also several news items.

Resources e-letter 14:1 - February 2014

A major new Article has just been uploaded to the website. A32, Be creative as a line manager has been written in an effort to improve standards of staff line management in churches. There is also news of the St John's College Nottingham / UK Church Administrator Network distance learning module on 'the work of a Church Administrator' which was launched a week ago.

Resources e-letter 13:6 - December 2013

Two more sets of Training Notes have today been added to the website: TN78, The role of a church leader and TN79, 'One another' teamsThere is also a reminder about another set of notes already on the site which tell you how not to write your Christmas round robin.

Resources e-letter 13:5 - October 2013

There are two new sets of Training Notes on the site now: TN76, How to prepare a job reference, and TN77, Administrator wisdom. Also included in the e-letter is news of a new network of those with a passion for administration.

Resources e-letter 13:4 - August 2013

A new article has just been published: A31 Helping people back to church. This e-letter also includes a listing of resources on staff management and news of the September IT training day being run by UCAN.

Resources e-letter 13:3 - June 2013

There are two more sets of Training Notes published: TN74, Understanding values and TN75, Writing for the media. There is also a listing of all resources on speaking and presentations.

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The ‘How to speak-to-camera’ notes (TN123) are invaluable as so many of us are doing this at the moment.

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