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Resources e-letter 17:5 - October 2017

The latest issue of Resources e-letter focuses on Church Administrators with news of the latest Article to be uploaded to the website, What do Church Administrators do?, and details of other items in the Resources section about such appointments.
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NEW: ‘What do Church Administrators do?’

There can be no one model Church Administrator post because those appointed with this job title fulfil a remarkable variety of roles.

This Article seeks to help any church contemplating such an appointment, or reviewing an existing post, by examining and listing what these roles can be and how to express them helpfully in a well-designed job description and person profile.

The Article covers in its four parts:

  • An explanation of what factors shape such posts and make them different from each other.
  • A demonstration of what makes a good job description, illustrated with examples for possible Church Administrator posts.
  • A detailed listing of a wide range of possible responsibilities, divided into six categories:
    • office manager
    • Minister support
    • communications hub
    • rooms hire and events
    • initial contact
    • volunteer mobilisation.
  • Advice on Administrator person profiles and other appropriate paperwork.

What do Church Administrators do? – defining roles is now available at A42 on the Articles page of the website. Valuable reading and reference for both church leaders and their Administrators.

Other resources relating to Administrator appointments

Here is a listing of some of the other items in the Resources section of my website which supplement the above Article in various ways. 

Articles page

A6           Job descriptions – advice and examples for staff and volunteers
A8           Worker agreements – appropriate paperwork for churches
A15        Christian administration? – a theological introduction
A17        Staff selection step-by-step – advertisement to interview
A27        Reliability in ministry – for administrators and leaders
A28        Rooms to let – hiring out your church premises
A33,34  Roles for a church office – six perspectives
A38        Appointing an Operations Manager – or reviewing a post


Training Notes page

 TN4        Advice for all church administrators
TN21      Ideas for a sermon on administration
TN31      Affirming volunteers
TN40      Appointing an Administrator
TN60      Administrator types
TN68      Administrators who miss the point
TN72,73  Church administration explained
TN77      Administrator wisdom
TN85      Preparing a Lone Worker Policy~
TN86      Customer care for churches?
TN92      How genuine are your GORs?
TN102   People who visit the church office

The UCAN handover

Later this month I hand over the running of the UK Church Administrator Network (UCAN) to a new team of six Directors with Isabel Willerton as their Administrator & Network Co-ordinator. I can then refocus on my consultancy, training and writing roles.

The Administrators section of my website will be slimmed down as UCAN will have its own website in future. My site will point Church Administrators to the new organisation.

But there will be no change to the other sections of my site – in particular, my Articles and Training Notes will continue as now and I shall still be adding new material every other month. You will continue to receive Resources e-letter from me.

Please support the new UCAN in any appropriate way, especially if you have an Administrator on your church staff. I am expecting it to grow significantly and develop in all kinds of ways under its exciting, new leadership.

Thank you for your interest in the Resources section of my website and with my warmest good wishes.