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Resources e-letter 18:2 - April 2018

This e-letter announces the arrival of Article A43, Every member on active service - how to mobilise your church. It then lists a range of other existing resources on themes within this overall topic. There is also news of forthcoming events for Administrators and a reminder about GDPR.
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NEW: ‘Every member on active service’

The dream that inspires this article is for every member of every church to be actively serving Christ in an appropriate way, using the gifts, enthusiasm and experience they possess for the benefit of all and to build up the body of Christ. 

This new article sets out five organisational ways to change the culture of your church so that every-member ministry becomes a living reality for service within and outside the church structures. These are the five:

  1. Make someone responsible
  2. Think different approaches
  3. Ensure people fit roles
  4. Develop training for all
  5. Design an effective plan

This is not an article on supporting volunteers (it is likely that one will follow later) but on how to turn this biblical principle into reality.

If your church has a vision for everyone on active service, here is material to study and apply.  Article A43, Every member on active service – how to mobilise your church, is now available without charge on the Articles page of my website. Use it for your staff team, Trustees/PCC, elders or leadership team.

Other resources on related themes

Here is a range of other resources on my website on themes linked to every-member ministry.

Articles (accessed from the link above)

A8           Worker agreements – Appropriate paperwork for churches
A10        An introduction to the art of training – Help people learn


Training Notes (accessed on the Training Notes page)

TN10      What do Christians do between Sundays?
TN24      Church members can burn out too
TN31      Affirming volunteers
TN34      Closing down a church activity
TN36      Square pegs in round holes
TN37      To pay or not to pay?
TN41      What makes a group a team
TN55      So who should be in the dock?
TN79      ‘One another’ teams
TN87      What to look for in your leaders
TN90      Put someone in charge
TN100   Why some offer, why some don’t

Events for Church Administrators

The UK Church Administrators Network (UCAN), now completely separate from my own work (although I shall be taking part in these Area Training Days), have the following events coming up.  Details on their website.

Area Training Days: Administration – biblical and creative

17th April – Belfast
2nd May – Manchester
15th May - Bristol

GDPR reminder

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