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Resources e-letter 17:4 - August 2017

This gives news of two new sets of Training Notes just uploaded. TN101, Working with a No. 2, gives advice for those who work with an Associate. TN102, Visitors to the church office, asks a range of questions about the 'reception' function for Church Administrators.
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NEW: ‘Working with a No. 2’

These notes give advice to a leader who works with a No. 2, such as a Minister with an Associate, a Youth Leader with a deputy. There is also a section applying the principles to working with an EA or PA. There are ten suggested principles.

  1. Ensure they share your vision
  2. Give them an overall role that is both clear and challenging
  3. Put them in charge of defined areas
  4. Line manage them well
  5. Meet regularly
  6. Affirm them in public
  7. Put them in charge when you are away
  8. Work on a few projects together
  9. Appoint an enabler
  10. Champion their growth

Working with a No. 2 is now available at TN101 on the Training Notes page of the website. As with all items on the page it may be downloaded or printed out without charge (for up to 30 copies). Ensure any church leaders with a No. 2 read this.

NEW: ‘People who visit the church office’

The second new set of Training Notes just uploaded this week raises issues about the ‘reception’ function of most Church Administrators who work from a church office. This is often overlooked in job descriptions but can take a significant amount of time each week.

The notes then ask a range of questions about how the Administrator has to deal with five groups of people:

  1. Themselves
  2. The Minister
  3. External visitors
  4. Internal visitors
  5. Volunteer workers and church staff

People who visit the church office is now available at TN102 on the Training Notes page of the website. Ensure your Church Administrator(s) and their manager have copies.

UCAN appoint their first Administrator

I am delighted that the Directors of the new UK Church Administrator Network (UCAN) have made an appointment of ‘Administrator and Network Co-ordinator’. There were 28 applicants for the part-time, home-working post. I will announce their name on the website once all final details are in place. They will start in September.

There is a huge amount of work to be done before that date as the new website launches and new systems for handling membership are tested ready to be activated after the summer. UCAN will then move from my website and members will notice new streamlined procedures in running the growing network. They will receive more information in early September.

Please pray for the Directors as they launch new-UCAN and for the new Administrator as they prepare to take on this responsibility. After September I shall be able to give much more of my time to my core work of consultancy, training and writing – including my website resources!

Thank you for your interest in the Resources section of my website and with my warmest good wishes.