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Resources e-letter 18:3 - June 2018

E-letter 18:3 gives outline details of two new sets of Training Notes just uploaded to the website: Training Notes TN107, A church policy on hospitality, and TN108, What do budgets actually tell us? There is also a listing of other resources on these two themes.
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NEW: ‘A church policy on hospitality’

These notes encourage a church to prepare a policy on hospitality to cover:

  • entertaining guest speakers and visitors;
  • offering meals and care for various groups;
  • encouraging a church-wide culture of hospitality.

Topics covered under these three headings include arranging meals and accommodation, saying thank you, paying proper fees and expenses, caring for those on their own, events for the local community, using homes for church purposes, and church meals for those who would value help.

Here are practical ideas to work out appropriate responses to an Old Testament concept and a New Testament command.

Training Notes TN107, A church policy on hospitality, are now available without charge on the Training Notes page of this website.  Use these notes for your staff team, Trustees/PCC, Elders, pastoral carers or leadership team.

NEW: ‘What do budgets actually tell us?’

These new Training Notes set out the proper place of a church budget.  They show that a budget puts across:

  • an outworking of the church’s purpose and plan;
  • a statement of the church’s vision and faith;
  • a practical demonstration of the church’s values;
  • an assurance of wise stewardship;
  • a measure of spiritual health.

This is followed by a section of variations in budget construction and questions for discussion. These notes are for leadership teams, not just the Treasurer, to demonstrate the importance of a church budget and its use in decision-making.

Training Notes TN108, What do budgets actually tell us?, are now available without charge on the Training Notes page of this website.

Other resources on related themes

Here are a selection of other resources on my website on themes linked to the above.  Items marked A are on the Articles page. Items marked TN are on the Training Notes page.


A28        Rooms to let
A31        Helping people back to church
TN14      Setting up a Newcomers Team
TN83      The service isn’t over yet
TN86      Customer care for churches?


A7          Understanding stewardship
A16        Funding a capital project
A18        Administering church funds
TN19      Key words for a financial appeal
TN29      What’s your real church income
TN98      An outline Church Financial Policy

Events for Church Administrators

The UK Church Administrators Network (UCAN), now completely separate from my own work (although I am taking part in these Area Training Days), have the following event coming up. Details on their website.

Area Training Days: Administration – biblical and creative
26th June – Leeds


Thank you for your interest in the Resources section of my website and with my warmest good wishes