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Resources e-letter 14:3 - June 2014

There are now two more sets of Training Notes on the website with the arrival of TN82, Print or screen? and TN83, The service isn't over yet. There is also news of booking for five autumn Area Training Days for Administrators and the IT training day at Leeds in September.

NEW: Print or screen?

In recent years many churches have switched from providing books and sheets for worship, teaching and information to projecting it all up onto screens and monitors. But is this all to our advantage?

These notes list ten ‘screen snags’ including the limited field of view on one screen, faulty technology and having nothing to take away. 

These are followed by ten ‘print problems’ including giving everyone a mini-library, lack of versatility and having your hands full rather than hands-free.

Once you recognise the weaknesses of each system, you can assess how to use the strengths of both. 

Training Notes TN82, Print or screen, are now available online. Ensure all those in your church or mission who are responsible for worship, teaching and communication receive a weblink or a printed copy.

NEW: The service isn’t over yet

Churches spend time planning their Sunday (or weekday) services with care. They may also plan the welcome at the start.  But what about the ‘welcome’ at the end?

Training Notes TN83, The service isn’t over yet, provide you with 25 points to ponder about what is happening at the close of each service. Here is material to help your Ministry Team, Staff, Worship Group or Newcomers Team consider the issues. 

Engagement: Ten questions you may forget to ask
These consider what you mean by church ‘service’, how you ‘sell’ what happens at the close of the formal liturgy and the memories that newcomers will have afterwards.

Refreshments: Ten practical aspects to consider
What to drink, eat, paid or free, crockery, seating, etc.

Farewell: Five final points to say good-bye
How to bid farewell to early and late leavers and the role of the Newcomers Team.

Booking now open for IT training day in Leeds....

St George’s, Leeds in association with the UK Church Administrator Network (UCAN) are running a one-day event offering hands-on training in MS Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint and in Indesign. This is designed specifically for Church Administrators and others who use such software in church applications. The team of trainers is led by Dave Sankey from St George’s and Gavin White from King’s Church, Manchester.

Wednesday 24th September 2014 at St George’s, Leeds
10.00 am to 4.00 pm.
Cost £55 (£49 for UCAN members) for three practical workshops, lunch and materials

If you are within reach of Leeds, do encourage people in your church to attend.  Full details and booking at www.stgeorgesleeds.org.uk/ittrainingday.

.... and for five UCAN Area Training Days

The second series of Area Training Days launches in October with five events this autumn on the theme of ‘Caring for our customers’. If your church employs an Administrator, do encourage them to book - see the UCAN events page.

Ware (Hertfordshire) – Wednesday 1st October
Coventry – Tuesday 7th October
Woking – Tuesday 14th October
Nottingham – Thursday 16th October
Belfast – Wednesday 19th November.

Cost £37 including training, lunch and materials. Non-members may also attend for £47.

2015 days are being planned for Stirling, Bristol, Tonbridge and central London and others in (likely areas) Manchester, Leeds, Tyneside and Southampton.