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Resources e-letter 14:2 - April 2014

Two more sets of Training Notes have today been added to the website: TN80, Staff salary scales and TN81, Changing the sceneryThere are also several news items.

NEW: Staff salary scales

Setting pay scales for staff in a church or mission agency is not straightforward. These notes offer ten sets of questions to help Trustees and others devise an appropriate scheme.

  1. Salary of stipend?
  2. Do you expect differentials?
  3. What are others paying?
  4. What does it look like to your congregation?
  5. How do you view incentives?
  6. Do you pay the Living Wage?
  7. How do you treat part-time and overtime?
  8. Is it right to take 'need' into account?
  9. What of those who do not require a full salary?
  10. Who knows what about whom?

Training Notes TN80, Staff salary scales, are now available online.  Ensure all those in your church or mission who are responsible for personnel receive a weblink or a printed copy.

NEW: Changing the scenery

These notes provide foundations on which to build an understanding of how to lead a church or mission through change. There are three parts.

Six points to challenge your views on change
These seek to show that the idea that the default position is to maintain the status quo (with change as the exception) is the wrong way round. Change is the norm.

Five questions to ask
These provide a language to use when seeking to understand the change process. The idea is of two 'sceneries' and a 'journey' from one to the other.

Four ways of being involved
These take the issue of control and differentiate between managing change and coping with it.

There are exercises to carry out alone or as a group under each of these three headings.

TN81, Changing the scenery, are now available online.  Informative reading for anyone concerned with change – which should mean all of us.

News snippets

The joint UK Church Administrator Network (UCAN) / St John’s College, Nottingham distance learning course, The work of a Church Administrator, has got off to an excellent start.  28 students have already signed up and are working their way through the early units, with more joining each week.  For details see the distance learning page in the Administrators section of my website.

The 2014 UCAN Cutting Edge national conference on 1st July, designed for senior manager Church Administrators, is almost full.  I can only offer ten more places.  See the UCAN events page on the website.

There will be an IT training day at St George’s Church, Leeds on 24th September.  Booking opens in May from the events page as above.

Job vacancy: Central Church, Edinburgh are advertising for a new Operations Director.  Deadline: 30th April.

My new website is now at an advanced stage of development and should launch in May.  It is fully responsive so is designed to work on mobiles and tablets as well as laptops and desktops.  There will be an additional listing of all my resources by alphabetical order of title.