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Resources e-letter 15:3 - June 2015

Two new sets of Training Notes have just been uploaded to the website. TN86 is entitled Customer care for churches? and TN87, What to look for in your leaders.  There is then a reminder about the various different indexes for all the resources on the site.

NEW: ‘Customer care for churches?’

We are used to 'customer care policies' for commercial enterprises, but these notes take this idea and apply it to churches.  We have a different motivation to serve people well and may need to use a different term, but the idea holds good.

These notes cover

  • Who are your customers?
  • What is your motivation in devising this policy?
  • Who delivers customer care?
  • What might a policy include?

Under this last heading a sample policy is shown covering Sunday welcome, all-week reception, welcome in other media, other 'visitors' and a complaints policy.

Training Notes TN86, Customer care for churches, are available now on the Training Notes page of the Resources section of the website.

NEW: ‘What to look for in your leaders’

Churches select or elect leaders as office-holders, paid staff, ministry area co-ordinators, leaders of particular groups or activities and as their Minister.  But what guidelines do we give to assess whether someone is suitable for Christian leadership in any form?

These notes list criteria from four relevant Bible passages and then offer additional checklists for:

  • Essentials
  • Church membership
  • Gifting
  • Competence
  • Experience
  • Teamwork
  • Availability
  • Legal requirements.

If you are appointing leaders within your church, here is guidance to help you make a wise selection and to offer a realistic ongoing challenge.

Training Notes TN87, What to look for in your leaders, are available now on the Training Notes page of the Resources section of the website.

Indexes available to you

The Articles, Training Notes and Health-checks pages in the Resources section of my website list all the items available in order by their reference number.  But you can also check out a page where there is one alphabetical list of all items, and there are separate index pages under my six topic headings of Leadership, Management, Structures, Planning, Communication and Administration.  So it should be easy to find what you want.