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Resources e-letter 14:1 - February 2014

A major new Article has just been uploaded to the website. A32, Be creative as a line manager has been written in an effort to improve standards of staff line management in churches. There is also news of the St John's College Nottingham / UK Church Administrator Network distance learning module on 'the work of a Church Administrator' which was launched a week ago.

NEW: Be creative as a line manager

In my investigations of church staffing and operations over the past few years one theme has emerged with worrying regularity: the poor quality of staff management.

This Article seeks to correct that by explaining seven areas that a good and creative staff line manager should pay attention to. They are as follows.

1        Attitude – clarifying what line management should be about: change
2        Analysis – understanding yourself and the one you manage as people

3        Foundations – clarity in job description, person profile and employment terms
4        Plan – their personal aims, their personal targets and your own commitment

5        Review – a range of ways to review their work and plan for the future
6        Encouragement – the vital need to build people up
7        Reprimand – its need, key principles and due process

Article A32, Be creative as a line manager, is now available onlineEnsure all those in your church who line manage staff study it and discuss it together. And if you are line managed yourself, you might like to take a peep...

Distance learning module for Church Administrators

At last! A course of formal study for those who work in your church office. The module has been produced jointly by St John’s College, Nottingham and the UK Church Administrator Network (UCAN). It counts as 20 units towards the St John’s Certificate in Christian Studies.

Within a week of its launch at the beginning of February, twelve Administrators have already signed up and there has been considerable interest from many more.  There are details on my website on the Administrators section’s distance learning page.

If you employ an Administrator (and especially if you line manage them!), here is something to help you challenge and encourage them to develop in their work.

For Church Managers and Operation Directors

1:  The 2014 UCAN Cutting Edge national conference
This takes place in central London on 1st July and booking is open (and places filling up). This year’s theme is change management with Bryn Hughes as speaker. Details in the Administrators section of my website on the UCAN Events page.

2:  Job vacancies
In recent weeks there has been a flurry of vacancies for Operation Directors in churches. Posts currently open include St Nicholas’, Sevenoaks (ask me for contact details) and Pip n Jay’s, Bristol (see information on their website).