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Resources e-letter 13:2 - April 2013

The April issue gives details of a double set of Training Notes called Church administration explained, published at TN72 and TN73. There is also brief news from the UK Church Administrator Network and a listing of all resources relating to meetings.

NEW: Church administration explained

Training Notes TN72 and TN73, just uploaded this week, offer a beginner's guide to church administration for all who want to understand what this subject is about.

TN72 takes the first three of five headings and examines:

1:  The image
We may have a lowly view of the subject but Scripture takes a different position.

2:  The scope
This is checked out by groups of people and then by types of activity.

3:  The gift
A quick check on the idea of spiritual gifts (plural) of administration.

TN73 takes the final two headings and examines:

4:  The motivation
Two are suggested: the satisfaction of doing things well and the joy of releasing others for their ministry.

5:  The impact
This gift should enable churches to comply with legislation, make churches credible and release other gifts.

This is followed by questions and actions to ponder and discuss. These notes are designed for a group setting as well as for an individual read.

Access these sets of notes, Church administration explained, here.


Church Administrator news

While on the subject of church administration, membership of the UK Church Administrator Network should pass the 800 mark this coming week. UCAN continues to grow strongly and its range of specialist resources increases too. We had a great residential conference in March for senior Administrators which was judged to be the best event yet.

The two final series 1 Area Training Days for Church Administrators are about to take place: central London on 22nd April and Southampton on 8th May. If your church employs an Administrator in the Home Counties or in the central South area, do encourage them to attend if they have not already booked. See the UCAN events page.

And if you work as a Church Administrator yourself and are reading this, join UCAN today at http://www.church-administrator.net. You will then see what you have been missing.

Resources on meetings

The Resources section of the website has six subject indexes as well as the Articles and Training Notes listing. Here is what is included on the Structures index page under the heading of Meetings.

A5      How to chair meetings – an orchestral approach
A20     Annual meetings can be different – ideas to experiment with
A24     Mission-shaped Church Councils – three ways forward
TN8    Major decisions: a new approach
TN13   A purpose statement for those who chair
TN45   Are you sure it’s minutes you need?
TN58   Beware committees
TN61   Mapping out a meeting
TN71   Seatings for meetings


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