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Resources e-letter 11/5 - October 2011

This gives details of two new sets of Training Notes uploaded to the site in October: TN62, Know what distracts you, and TN63, How not to write a newsletter.  There is also information for Church Administrators.

Know what distracts you (TN62)

Christian leaders face a range of distractions that prevent them using their time effectively. Reasons include a lack ofnatural discipline and accountability, little effective support and encouragement, and high expectations from different parties.

On the basis that identification is the first step to action, these Notes list 20 possibilities under five main headings so that readers can select two or three to work on. The headings selected are:

  • Working from home (for those who do)
  • Messages
  • Seeing and listening
  • Administration
  • Worry.

For example, the four distractions described under the 'Worry' heading are external nuisance, lack of peace, poor health and responsibility. Various ideas for possible action are given in most cases.

To downloador print this out, go here. To see a complete listing of all 63 Training Notes, go here.

How not to write a newsletter (TN63)

These notes list seven of the most common mistakes made when people try to write Christmas family newsletters. This topical subject is taken because the principles can then be applied to a range of church literature as well. The key errors to avoid are:

  • too many words
  • not enough breaks
  • poor visuals (or none)
  • a turn-off opening
  • uninteresting content
  • showing off
  • nothing distinctive.

There are footnotes on the power of relationship, emails and print design. Don’t dare write your Christmas round robin (for those who do) until you have read this!

To download or print this out, go here. To see a complete listing of all 63 Training Notes, go here.

Registering on the website

If you have already registered on the website you can log in and then comment on these sets of Training Notes (and on all the 93 other resource items too!).  If not, you can register today: in the right-hand column of every page on the site there is a Log in / Register link in red.  Click this and follow instructions to ‘register as a website user’. It is quite straightforward and you will then be helping start debates on the issues that the website is covering. Thank you!

For all Church Administrators

If you are employed by your church as an Administrator in any form, then as you are reading this particular version of this e-letter that means you have not yet joined the UK Church Administrator Network (UCAN). You are missing out on so much! The members’ pages of the website contain a growing collection of resources, there is a bimonthly specialist mailing, and now a range of Area Training Days (and national conferences for senior Administrators).  Forthcoming events include

Belfast (Holywood) on 9th November
Birmingham on 29th November.

You will find full details about these on the UCAN events page of theAdministrators section of the website.  Tojoin UCAN (there is no subscription, only a request for occasional voluntarycontributions to cover expenses), go the UCAN application page. It is all done online. Over 500 have joined to date.