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Resources e-letter 11/3 - June 2011

This give details of the latest Training Notes to be uploaded: Administrator types (TN60) and Mapping out a meeting (TN61).  There is also information about website registration, Twitter and Church Administrators.

Administrator types  (TN60)

A light-hearted look at the world of Winnie-the-Pooh with a serious intent to help administrators assess how they come across to others.  Four types of administrator are discussed, each listed with three advantages and three downsides.

  1. The Rabbit-type is a brilliant organiser but has few people-skills.
  2. The Piglet-type scores on loyalty and humility but lacks initiative.
  3. The Eeyore-type is unflappable in a crisis but is a glass-half-empty person.
  4. The Kanga-type is a sensible people-person but people take priority over task.

These four types of administrator then have to work within a church populated by Poohs, Owls, Tiggers and Roos.  The theory is that a good administrator is a balanced mix of all four types, rather than scoring well in one at the expense of the others.

Go to it here: http://www.john-truscott.co.uk/Resources/Training-Notes/Administrator-types.

Mapping out a meeting  (TN61)

These notes provide nine pieces of advice for preparing good agendas for business meetings.

  1. Think MAP not LIST
  2. Follow the rules
  3. Make it feel good
  4. Group and order items to help the meeting flow
  5. Clarify each action required
  6. Provide sufficient background information
  7. Beware timed agendas
  8. Let the agenda speak of Jesus Christ
  9. Decide who prepares the agenda

Of value to those who chair meetings, those who set agendas and all who meet for business.

Find it here: http://www.john-truscott.co.uk/Resources/Training-Notes/Mapping-out-a-meeting.


FOR ACTION: Please register and join the debate

The website gives an opportunity for interaction on all 92 resource items.  There is now a comment facility on each one and I am particularly keen for people to start commenting!  Readers of these e-letters are the most likely to do so, so here is my plea.

If you are keen on the kind of issues I am dealing with (‘creative organisation’ is the umbrella theme), and have things to say about some of the topics I am writing about, please start reacting to them.  I am not looking so much for praise or criticism on the items (though I will take both!), but debate or comment on the issues.

To take part you first need to register as a website user (a one-off action).  If you have not done so already, go to ‘Log in / Register’ (right hand column on every page) and then click the red ‘Create a user account’ – or go here – and follow instructions.  Once you have activated your registration you have access to all the Comment facilities and the Web forum in the Dialogue section too. All you have to do is to ‘Log in’ (right hand column on each page) each time.

Tweet, tweet!

If you are already on Twitter, follow me @johnnvtruscott.  I put out about eight tweets a week which act as either micro-articles on my theme of creative organisation, or link you to the website in some way.  If you are not on Twitter and do not want to join, simply click the Twitter icon (left hand column on every page of my website) each time you visit and you will see a complete listing of all my tweets.

Church Administrators

If you are employed by your church as an Administrator, Office Co-ordinator, Director of Operations or other such post, you should join UCAN, the UK Church Administrator Network.  The fact that you are receiving this version of the e-letter means you are not at present a member.  You are missing out on so much!  UCAN offers bimonthly news, training conferences, specialist web advice and online access to a database of 450 other people like yourself with the number growing all the time.  There is no subscription – I simply ask for a small voluntary contribution.  For details go the Administrators page of my website or you can access it at http://www.church-administrator.net.  If you are not an Administrator yourself but your church employs one, please ensure they join UCAN.