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I am a passionate advocate of what I call 'creative organisation' in churches. I long to see this area of church life recognised as spiritual ministry, though out of sight as it should be.

The organisation of all resources, including people, is an area of Christian service requiring those specially gifted, together with the Holy Spirit's spark of life. But it is also an aspect of ministry that all in positions of leadership need to understand.

It is a fulfilling ministry, making right choices, avoiding waste, developing people and helping them to work together in harmony, all the time seeking to live under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

I believe this subject needs to impact six different groups of people who then work together to enable the Church of be effective.

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This section includes

Such work in churches and mission agencies needs to be infused with God's creative energy, finding new ways of working that are relevant to the culture we live in while consistent with an unchanging gospel.

I am an unashamed enthusiast for enabling Christians to become effective in their service through such organisation and people-skills, whether at the big-picture level of overall plans and structures or in very down-to-earth applications of getting things done.

creative organisation for effective christian ministry


How much I enjoyed attending the training day. What wonderful work you do! I came away feeling so encouraged and with a renewed sense of purpose. I thank God for your passion for administration. Thank you so much for organising this brilliant event.

Email from a church staff member following a training day - May 2017


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