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These notes were first published on this website in December 2016

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Here is a template for setting out policies on a wise and godly approach to financial issues in church. This consists of a wide range of topics for policies within nine categories:

  • Key principles
  • Teaching about giving and possessions
  • Congregational giving
  • Fees and trading income
  • Staffing and other revenue expenditure
  • Financial administration
  • Accounts
  • Capital projects
  • Global mission

This coherent approach to this vital area of church life will be of value to all trustee bodies (including PCCs) but especially church leaders and financial team members.


Here is the link to this item: PDF TN98 - An outline Church Financial Policy.pdf

Author's notes

I can find very little available in print on an overall set of policies on church finances so these notes attempt something new. Please get in touch if you wish to suggest improvements. I update all resources on a regular basis.