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First published on this website in March 2010 and last updated in March 2016

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Here is a simple system which enables you to keep your Inbox under control (and often empty) and your Sent box always empty by combining emails both to and from you in a folder system. You can therefore feel you are always on top of your email traffic.

The notes explain now to set the system up in Outlook (planning the choice and structure of folders, creating folders and sub-folders, adding a 'To' column, creating sub-folders for your Inbox and dragging and dropping existing emails to their correct folders).

To work the system you check your Inbox and deal immediately with what you can, sort other emails for later action, deal with 'sent' emails the moment you send them and re-file or delete old emails.


Here is the link to this item: PDF TN53 - A simple email filing system.pdf

Author's notes

These notes have been extensively updated in March 2016 to give revised instructions for newer versions of Outlook.