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Resources e-letter 24:3 - June 2024

This month we give details of a new set of Training Notes about the 'Blob pictures' tool and show that all 220 items are regularly updated so that they are all current.
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NEW: The value of the ‘Blob pictures’ tool

Many people have seen the ‘Blob tree’ picture designed by Pip Wilson and Ian Long back in the 1980s. Are you aware of how to use this tool to help people express their honest feelings? And did you know that there is a library of similar pictures available for purchase on the Blobtree website?

These notes show some samples of what is available and explain how you can use this brilliantly simple tool in churches.

Each picture shows a number of characters, known as Blobs, all taking part in some activity. You are asked to choose the ONE character that you most closely identify with and then explain why you have chosen that one.  It is great fun to use!

The tool can be used in churches in a wide variety of settings to ascertain how people are feeling about some new initiative or current activity:

  • DIY training events
  • Discussions at church councils
  • Children’s and youth groups
  • Seniors’ groups
  • Professional counselling
  • The whole congregation

Training Notes TN155, The value of the ‘Blob pictures’ tool, is now available without charge on the Training Notes index page of this website.

All the resources are updated at least every two years

I have a list of my website resources to update each month. Here is a listing of resources that were updated in May 2024.


Articles index page

A5        How to chair meetings – An orchestral approach
A24      Mission-shaped Church Councils – Three ways forward
A25      Working from home – Boundaries, discipline and space

Training Notes index page

TN29      What’s your real church income?
TN30      How to give and receive criticism
TN124    What’s the point of church?
TN139    Church workers in teams
TN140    A checklist for a business plan

You can download a leaflet listing all 220 items from the Resources page of the website (scroll down to ‘Print your own listing’).

Resources are listed in the Resources section of the website under a number of different indices. You can find what you are looking for from the:

  • Articles index – for all 56 Articles in numerical/date order
  • Training Notes index – for all 155 Training Notes in numerical/date order
  • Health-checks index – for all three Health-checks in the nine items there
  • Topics index – if you are looking for items on a specific topic
  • Alphabetical index – if you know the title of what you want to find
  • Thematic index – grouped for Leadership, Management, Structures, Planning, Communication and Administration.

Please ensure all these materials are widely promoted in your church. Thank you for your interest in my website.