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Resources e-letter 24:1 - February 2024

This issue has synopses of the latest two sets of Training Notes, TN151, Loss of leadership passion, and TN152, Should a church set 'targets'? These are followed by a listing of all resources dealing with principles of administration.
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NEW: Loss of leadership passion

These notes are for anyone in a church leadership position from Ministers to young people’s group leaders. They assume leaders need to maintain some sense of call, privilege and excitement in their role but that passion quickly ebbs away.

Ten reasons are given with broad ideas of how to face them if they apply, five about role and five more about us.

  • Difficulties
  • Impossible demands
  • Busyness
  • Others’ expectations
  • Little challenge
  • Poor health
  • Chaotic surroundings
  • Comparisons with others
  • Isolation
  • Personality/family factors

Training Notes TN151, Loss of leadership passion, are now available without charge on the Training Notes index page of this website.

NEW: Should a church set ‘targets’?

‘Targets’ get a bad press when set by national institutions, but do they have a place in local church planning? These notes look at whether it is right to plan, if so three levels in planning (‘vision’, ‘aims’ and ‘steps’), the idea of SMART and then seven key principles if such ‘steps’ are to be helpful and right.

  1. Place vision within purpose
  2. Place vision before planning
  3. Pray for the planning
  4. Keep the number of aims small
  5. Beware specific numbers
  6. Review continually
  7. Involve everyone

There is an additional note about personal planning.

Training Notes TN152, Should a church set ‘targets’?, are now available without charge on the Training Notes index page of this website.

Resources on principles of church administration

Here is a listing of website resources on this theme.

Articles index page

A15      Christian administration? – A theological introduction
A27      Reliability in ministry – For administrators and leaders
A46      Redefining ‘management’ – Three Bible images to consider

Health-checks index page

HC8      Gift Assessment for Administrators – Introduction
HC9      Gift Assessment for Administrators – Questions and tests

Training Notes index page

TN4       Advice for all church administrators
TN21     Ideas for a sermon on administration
TN72     Church administration explained part 1
TN73     Church administration explained part 2
TN111   A church policies checklist
TN115   Identifying gifts of administration
TN129   Collecting data for mission
TN138   Categories for church operations

You can download a leaflet listing all 217 items from the Resources page of the website (scroll down to ‘Print your own listing’).

Please ensure all these materials are widely promoted in your church.  Thank you for your interest in my website.