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Resources e-letter 23:4 - August 2023

News of two new sets of Training Notes this time covering PCCs (for Church of England churches) and practical service in your church.  Also a reminder of the new address and landline number, plus preliminary information about my own future plans.
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NEW: The role of the PCC

I do not usually write for one denomination alone but these notes are specifically for Church of England churches, because they cover some ecclesiastical legislation which will not apply to other churches. Many PCC members have little idea what the Council’s role is. These notes seek to bring clarity. After all, a PCC cannot function effectively if it is not clear why it exists!

The first part identifies two sources of guidance for PCC purpose:

  • the ecclesiastical legislation that applies to this issue;
  • the role of the Board in a registered charity.

When all this is applied to a PCC four statements are suggested.

  1. The role is high level
  2. The role is broad
  3. The role is operational
  4. The role is about leadership

These are then applied to actual examples of business items that a PCC should tackle and, importantly, what the PCC should not be doing.

Training Notes TN147, The role of the PCC, are now available without charge on the Training Notes index page of my website.

NEW: Serving in a post-Covid church

Many churches are telling me that they are struggling to find volunteers to serve in a wide range of church ministries. This has come to the fore in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic.

These notes identify the problem and explain how it has arisen. They suggest four approaches to adopt when tackling it, starting with the idea that ‘volunteering’ is not the right concept.

Twelve ideas are then given, all of which are required for people and especially younger members to share in service. These are expressed in personal terms to bring home how many people perceive the issues:

  1. A church vision I can own
  2. A church leadership I trust and respect
  3. A discipleship challenge I can respond to
  4. A scheme with a champion
  5. An approach that is personal
  6. A purpose I can see fits with the church vision
  7. A gift, skill, enthusiasm or experience I believe I have
  8. A team I can be part of
  9. A team leader I can serve under
  10. A commitment that is limited
  11. An achievement that is celebrated
  12. A role I can develop within.

Training Notes TN148, Serving in a post-Covid church, are now available without charge on the Training Notes index page of my website.

Reminder: new address

I have recently moved house and office. If you have a postal address for me, please change it now from 69 Sandridge Road to:

24 High Grove, St Albans AL3 5SU.

The last e-letter went out before the new landline had been sorted.  This is now:

01727 568325.

Thank you!

My future

I am cutting back on my workload this autumn to three days a week and plan to retire at the end of 2024. At that point I am aiming to devote time to expanding my website resources so these e-letters will continue after then.

I am available for training and consultancies which are no more than one day on site. I still have some time available for work this autumn but am already well committed for the early months of 2024.

For the future, the UK Church Administrators Network (UCAN) have staff well able to fulfil training and consultancy work and come with my warmest recommendation. I see them as my natural successors and am confident that they will be able to deliver a highly professional service. More details next year.

Please ensure all these materials are widely promoted in your church.  Thank you for your interest in my website.