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Resources e-letter 23:3 - June 2023

This issue has news of a new Article on document management for churches. It also includes my new address, having just moved home and office, and a listing of all new resources during 2022 and 2023.
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NEW: The management of church records

This new Article seeks to summarise legal and best practice requirements for both the management and retention of church records.

The first part addresses six issues:

  1. Record management
  2. Holding records
  3. Legal requirements (such as GDPR)
  4. Security
  5. Your church’s story
  6. Implementation

The second part summarises retention needs for different categories of record: HR, financial, governance/legal, property (health and safety), safeguarding and administration.

The final part shows how the structure of this Article can be used to write a Document Management/Retention Policy and then gives a list of weblinks to provide more detail than has been possible in this overview.

Article A55, The management of church records, is now available without charge on the Articles index page of my website.


New address

This e-letter is coming to you one week after a move of home and office, so please bear with me if anything goes wrong! If you have a postal address for me, please change it now from 69 Sandridge Road to:

24 High Grove, St Albans AL3 5SU.

It looks as though the landline number will have to change when we are permanently connected up to internet and phone later this week.


The most recent uploads: 2022-2023

Here is a list of other new materials added to the website over the past 18 months, updated from the list in the last e-letter.

Articles index page

A52   How to run a church vision day – A DIY training aid
A53   The UCAN story – Networking Church Administrators
A54   How to get a message across – A DIY training aid


Training Notes index page

TN137   The message of your people
TN138   Categories for church operations
TN139   Church workers in teams
TN140   A checklist for a business plan
TN141   A church council Code of Conduct
TN142   Values create a culture
TN143   Protect your church from scams
TN144   360-degree review for churches?
TN145   Illustrating what you say
TN146   Be hospitable!


To print out a complete listing of all resources, scroll down to the bottom of the Resources page and download the pdf there.

Please ensure all these materials are widely promoted in your church. Thank you for your interest in my website.