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Resources e-letter 22:6 - December 2022

There is news in this e-letter of the third of my sets of DIY training aids in Article format and just uploaded. The one enables any church to run an event on how to communicate well - or you can use it as solo advice. It comes with a range of practical exercises and hand-out sheets for participants. In this e-letter there is also a listing of other items on the website relating to principles of communication.
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NEW: How to get a message across

This new Article is the third in my occasional series of DIY training aids and is a write-up of my own training on principles of communication.

It is designed for a group training session with a leader/enabler but also works as an Article for personal reading and application. Here are its main sections.

1:  ‘Message’ and ‘News’
A biblical context and the use of these two words to replace ‘communication’.

2:  What happens to a message
An explanation of messages that are ‘written’, ‘spoken’ or ‘demonstrated’.  Then a model for the communications process which involves a ‘Sender’ and ‘Receiver’ who code and decode messages to each other through various ‘screens’.

3:  ‘Structure’ and ‘colour’
How to structure both a written and spoken message. But this can be dull unless you also ‘colour’ it – with ideas on how to do so.

4:  The News to the World
Special considerations for when we communicate to those outside our church membership.

There is a range of practical exercises and ten hand-out sheets for participants.

Article A54, How to get a message across – A DIY training aid is available without charge on the Articles index page of this website.

Other resources on communication principles

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There are several other resources on the website relating to practical communication digitally, in print and in speech.

Thank you for your interest in the resources on my website and for your support and encouragement. Have a wonderful Christmas when we get there.