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Resources e-letter 22:5 - October 2022

The new e-letter offers a synopsis of two new sets of Training Notes. The first, TN141, covers a church council 'Code of Conduct'. The second, TN 142 considers church culture and its link with its values by considering two lists of relationships.
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NEW: A church council ‘Code of Conduct’

This new set of Training Notes gives advice and a possible text for a behavioural code for members of a church ‘council’ (so PCC, Trustees, etc.). It does this by setting out some principles and then giving some specific examples.

The principles are based on the well-known ‘Nolan’ principles for public life, but these are specifically applied within a Christian context. They are then compared with those set out in Paul’s first letter to Timothy for those appointed as deacons. These two lists form the basis for the Code, but other Bible passages are also suggested.

These are then applied in a general context to all council members, and then specifically to council meetings. The Training Notes close with a suggested text on discipline to ensure the Code is adhered to.

Training Notes TN141, A church council ‘Code of Conduct’, are available without charge on the Training Notes index page of this website.

NEW: Values create a culture

This second new set of Training Notes picks up on current interest in reviews of church culture. They explain what church culture is and how it is impacted by the church’s values.

This is then illustrated from two paintings seen 20 years ago at a church. These illustrate ‘relationships’. One red picture includes wording for a range of warm, positive relationship terms and these are all listed. The other blue picture includes a range of terms which feel cold and bitter.

These are then used for a list of questions and suggested actions for both personal use and to discuss in a group your church’s values and then the culture that comes from these.

The Training Notes conclude with a summary of TN25, The radical values that Jesus taught, as taken from St Matthew’s Gospel.

Training Notes TN142, Values create a culture, are available without charge on the Training Notes index page of this website.

Three detailed ‘Health-checks’

The Resources section of the website includes three detailed ‘Health-checks’.

The Church Health Review enables you to carry out a detailed assessment of the health of every area of your church’s life. The five main headings it uses are Godward, Usward, Outward, Leadership and Support.

The Christian Effectiveness Model enables a similarly detailed assessment of a Christian mission or any church project. The four main headings it uses are Validity, Choice, Excellence and Achievement.

The Gift Assessment for Administrators offers a test for gifts of administration in someone. The three main headings it uses are Aptitude, Fascination and Discipleship.

For these and their summaries, see the Health-checks index page of this website.


Thank you for your interest in the resources on my website and for your support and encouragement.