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Resources e-letter 22:4 - August 2022

A major new article that is a bit different this time: the story of the UK Church Administrator Network (UCAN) from 1981 through to 2017. Article A53, The UCAN story, explains how UCAN reached its position today as an independent organisation. There is also a listing of all resources on self-management.
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NEW: The UCAN story

This new article is somewhat different from others in that it tells the story of how the UK Church Administrator Network (UCAN) came to be formed.

It does this by going back to 1981 and the setting up of Administry with its Church Administrator Resource Centre (CARC) stream. The article explains how CARC developed within Administry until the parent organisation closed down at the end of 2003.

There was then an five-year gap until I set up UCAN in 2009 and the story runs through the next eight and a half years when it operated as an add-on to my professional work as a church consultant and trainer.

UCAN was built on original work in CARC and to have both parts of this story offers a valuable overview of Church Administrator development over the past 40 years. This will be of interest to Administrators, Ministers and many others.

The story continues to the point when I handed UCAN over to a Board of Directors in 2017. Others can continue the story at a future date when the further developments can be seen in perspective.

Article A53, The UCAN story, is now available without charge from the Articles index page of this website.

Resources on self-management

Here is a list of resources on the website that deal with how you might organise your life and your ministry whether you are a Minister, Administrator or lay worker of any kind.

Articles index page

A1      Pass or file? – How to get excited about filing!
A25   Working from home – Boundaries, discipline and space
A27   Reliability in ministry – For administrators and leaders
A36   Sorting out your study – Part 1: The space in the room
A37   Sorting out your study – Part 2: The stuff in the room
A51   The ‘To Do Diary’ guide – How to use this simple tool


Training Notes index page

TN7      Ideas for how to make time for life
TN11    Keeping a time log
TN23    How to do ‘To Do’ lists
TN43    Did Jesus use an iPhone?
TN54    Creating space for a Planning Retreat
TN57    Clear your clutter!
TN62    Know what distracts you
TN67    Stress and the Christian worker
TN84    How to say ‘No’ when you should
TN106  Talk about taking time ‘off’

To print out a complete listing of all resources, scroll down to the bottom of the Resources page and download the pdf there. There are now over 200 different resources on the site. All are available to anyone and you may download or print up to 30 copies without charge.

Use the indexes provided

The website allows you to search for resources in several different ways. You can search the entire index by reference number on the Articles, Training notes and Health-checks listings. If you know the title, you can use the Alphabetical index. If you know what the item is about, check out the Topics index. And if you want to look at all resources within the broad headings of Leadership, Management, Structures, Planning, Communication and Administration there are pages for each of those.

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