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Resources e-letter 22:2 - April 2022

Here is news of the two latest sets of Training Notes to be uploaded. TN137, The message of your people, looks at what congregations may communicate to those who live near their church building. TN138, Categories for church operations, is a more specialist paper for church Operations Managers and Administrators. There is also a listing of all uploads for the past year plus.
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NEW: The message of your people

Training Notes TN44, The message of your buildings, considered what our church plant and grounds might communicate to those outside the family of faith who see them or use them. These new notes do the same for messages that our church members may send to the community living around our church buildings. It does this by considering seven warnings. These concern:

  • The cars we park
  • The noise we create
  • The behaviour we show
  • The involvement we avoid
  • The welcome we omit
  • The presence we hide
  • The attitude we display

These are followed by discussion questions for groups. Training Notes TN137, The message of your people, are now available without charge from the Training Notes index page of this website.

NEW: Categories for church operations

These notes are written for anyone involved across every aspect of church operations. They provide a categorisation system for the whole operational area based on what I have used for many years.

There are three levels of categories. The top layer has five categories, and in the second layer each of these is broken down into three. These two layers may be summarised as follows:

P: Operations – people (leadership, management, structures)
O: Operations – organisation (planning, communication, administration)
L: Church life (God-ward, us-ward, out-ward)
C: Church issues (health, debates, overview)
D: Discipleship (study, Bible, life)

A third layer then gives each second-layer category up to eight sub-divisions.

The hope is that operational staff and volunteers will be able to adapt this outline to fit themselves and their role. I am very aware that these notes will only be of interest to a limited number of people!

Training Notes TN138, Categories for church operations, are now available without charge from the Training Notes index page of my website.

Recent additions

Here is a list of other resources on the website that have been added over the past year plus.

Articles index page

A49 How to read the Bible out loud – A DIY training aid
A50 The patronage process as drama – A guide
A51 The ‘To Do Diary’ guide – How to use this simple tool
A52 How to run a church vision day – A DIY training aid


Training Notes index page

TN128 Effective staff meetings
TN129 Collecting data for mission
TN130 Appoint a ‘Staff Action Group’
TN131 Helpful handover documents
TN132 What you look for in your Minister
TN133 Planning the next step
TN134 Integrate your newcomers
TN135 How to conduct a disability audit
TN136 Restructure your committees

To print out a complete listing of all resources, scroll down to the bottom of the Resources page and download the pdf there. Please ensure all these materials are widely promoted in your church. Thank you for your interest in my website.