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Resources e-letter 21:3 - June 2021

Just uploaded: both a new Article and a new set of Training Notes. Article A20,The patronage process as drama, provides a guide for C of E Patrons and their PCCs on how the system works from the Patron's angle. Training Notes TN132, What you look for in your Minister, has ten points perceptive church members tell me they long to find in the Minister of their church.
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NEW: The patronage process as drama

Note: interest in this specialist article may be limited to Church of England churches. It has been written for Patrons but also for PCCs, Administrators guiding their church through a vacancy, and clergy needing to brush up on the system.

It describes the patronage process from the Patron’s perspective and presents it as a drama in two acts with five scenes each. There is also a cast list and a number of scenery backdrops. The idea is to make the patronage process interesting!

Patronage comes in for a fair amount of criticism but when the system works well, and it often does, it can be an effective way of choosing a church’s new Minister. Roles are played by Patron, Bishop and PCC. This presentation describes how the drama unfolds, looking at each scene in the process, and then considers, as scenery backdrops, issues that arise and how to tackle them. Examples include:

  • what happens with shared patronage;
  • how to treat internal candidates;
  • what if the PCC feel they ought to run the process?;
  • how to pray through the whole drama.

Article A50, The patronage process as drama, is now available without charge from the Articles index page of this website.

NEW: What you look for in your Minister

These notes list ten points that fair, perceptive, generous church members tell me they long to see in their Minister. The list might well be pondered by all Christians and is designed to shed light and provide practical ideas, not to induce guilt. The order is not important.

  1. Love people
  2. Be available
  3. Model Christian character
  4. Communicate vision
  5. Demonstrate a gift for teaching
  6. Become a respected leader
  7. Seek to be a team player
  8. Maintain passion as a disciple
  9. Live an ordered life
  10. Be accountable.

Whether you are a Minister or a church member, use this as a list for prayer.

Training Notes TN132, What you look for in your Minister, are now available without charge from the Training Notes index page of this website.

New resources uploaded during the past 18 months

‘Training Notes’ are quick reads of no more than 2,000 words, often in list format. ‘Articles’ take a more detailed look at their topic. The following have been added during 2020 and 2021 in addition to those listed above.

Articles index page

A47             15 principles of volunteering – By examining five ministries
A48             Organising your small groups – Choices to be made
A49             How to read the Bible out loud – A DIY training aid


Training Notes index page

TN121         Making a case for change
TN122         Your eco-church check-up
TN123         Speaking-to-camera tips
TN124         What’s the point of church?
TN125         How to take major decisions
TN126         The small-church administrator
TN127         Identify your church’s groups
TN128         Effective staff meetings
TN129         Collecting data for mission
TN130         Appoint a ‘Staff Action Group’
TN131         Helpful handover documents


Please ensure these materials are widely promoted in your church. Thanks for your interest in my website. May God guide you and others in our uncertain world.