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Resources e-letter 21:2 - April 2021

There are two new sets of Training Notes: TN130, Appoint a 'Staff Action Group', and TN131, Helpful handover documents. There is also a listing of all items on church staffs in the Resources section of the website.
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NEW: Appoint a ‘Staff Action Group’

If your church employs paid staff the Trustees are legally responsible for their selection, employment and management. But most Trustees fail to appreciate this. So the advice here is to appoint a specialist group to take on this role on behalf of the legal employers as delegated responsibility. The notes ask four questions.

  1. What is this group’s purpose?
  2. Who should be chosen?
  3. What might the group be called?
  4. What are their key responsibilities?

Seven possible responsibilities are suggested:

  • To ensure compliance with employment legislation
  • To seek best practice in the selection of new staff
  • To ensure that staff are properly managed
  • To take pastoral interest in the well-being of staff
  • To recommend appropriate pay scales, pensions and other financial benefits
  • To recommend staff training within agreed budgets
  • To guide the Trustees when problems occur.

Training Notes TN130, Appoint a ‘Staff Action Group’, are now available without charge from the Training Notes index page of this website.

NEW: Helpful handover documents

Whether you are a Minister or CEO moving on, an employee who is leaving, or a volunteer handing over a major responsibility, it makes good sense to prepare a ‘handover paper’ of some kind to help your successor get off to a great start. These notes provide seven principles to follow.

  1. Provide information more than opinion
  2. Avoid too much ‘how to’
  3. Take care over what you pass on
  4. Refer to other files
  5. Write it now
  6. Arrange a handover meeting
  7. Remain available.

These are followed by seven areas to cover in this document.

  1. The big picture
  2. Annual schedule/deadline lists
  3. Monthly/weekly tasks
  4. Current and major projects
  5. Processes, systems and passwords
  6. Resources lists
  7. Locations and people lists

Training Notes TN131, Helpful handover documents, are now available without charge from the Training Notes index page of this website.

Other resources on church staffs

If your church employs a staff team you may also be interested in these items.

Articles index page

A3        Salary differentials for Christian staff – A case of worldly thinking?
A6        Job descriptions – Advice and examples for staff and volunteers
A8        Worker agreements – Appropriate paperwork for church use
A17      Staff selection step-by-step – From advertisement to interview
A32      Be creative as a line manager – How to develop paid staff
A46      Redefining ‘management’ – Three Bible images to consider

Training Notes index page

TN17    Suggested questions for an annual review
TN20    Line management in a church staff team
TN37    To pay or not to pay?
TN65    Sharp interview questions
TN66    A daily office for church staff
TN76    How to prepare a job reference
TN80    Staff salary scales
TN85    Preparing a Lone Worker Policy
TN92    How genuine are your GORs?
TN95    Exit interviews for everyone
TN101  Working with a No. 2
TN120  Lessons for leaders
TN128  Effective staff meetings

Please ensure these materials are widely promoted in your church. Thanks for your interest in my website. May God guide you and others in all the decisions to be made as we come out of lockdown.