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Resources e-letter 20:2 - April 2020

News of another new article this time for all those who manage volunteers in churches or missions. A47, 15 principles of volunteering, is available now in the Resources section. There is also a listing of all other items relating to volunteers.
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COVID-19 issues

Churches are having to be fast learners in the use of tech to stay in touch with everyone as the crisis deepens. My website continues as normal and although many of my consultancy assignments and training events are being postponed until the autumn (or whenever) this may be a good opportunity for you to make use of the Resources section of the site, especially if  you have more time for reading. The Topics index page is one great place to start from.

NEW: 15 principles of volunteering

This new article examines five areas of church ministry and suggests three principles for working with ‘volunteers’ in each area. This builds up a list of 15 key recommendations for how to encourage and manage your church’s members in practical service.

The five areas of ministry, with an idea of the range of service in each, are:

  1. Worship services (speakers, children’s group leaders, flower arrangers …)
  2. Finance (Treasurers, cash counters, Finance Committee members …)
  3. Governance (Trustees, leadership teams, committee members …)
  4. Small groups (home group leaders, youth leaders, activity leaders …)
  5. Outreach events (enquirers course team members, Fresh Expression event leaders, global mission secretaries …)


The 15 principles that arise from examining these particular areas include the following:

  • Think big project
  • Value training for all
  • Express genuine thanks
  • Limit scope and length
  • Check motives
  • Work in teams
  • Set control limits
  • Offer freedom to fail
  • Provide leadership support

Each is explained in the context of the particular area of ministry.

Article A47, 15 volunteering principles, is now available without charge from the Articles index page of this website.

Other items on the website relating to volunteering

‘Articles’ – code A – (see link in previous item) deal with their topics in detail.  ‘Training Notes’ – code TN –  (Training Notes index page) are quicker-reads of no more than 2,000 words. 

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May the present crisis enable you (and all Christians) to witness by your innovative solutions and your obvious peace in all forms of service to our needy and fearful world.