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Resources e-letter 20:1 - February 2020

Two more sets of Training Notes have been uploaded: TN121, Making a case for change, and TN122, Your eco-church check-up. There is also a listing of the most recent Articles on the website. 
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NEW: Making a case for change

These notes assume you need to present a case for change to win over a possibly hard-to-convince group of people.  They cover the initial pitch more than the ongoing process. There are three sections, each with six ideas.

  1. Your concept – it needs to be crystal clear
  2. Their concerns – you need to be prepared
  3. The concert – aim for a creative, varied approach

Points made under these three headings include:

  • Headline the needs to be met
  • List the benefits of the change
  • Don’t minimise the costs
  • Identify the likely opposition
  • Understand their viewpoints
  • Use lists
  • Tell stories
  • Be memorable.

Training Notes TN121, Making a case for change, are now available without charge from the Training Notes index page of my website.

NEW: Your eco-church check-up

Many churches and church-based groupings now have an environmental policy, but it is possible to show high aspirations yet do little. These notes seek to provide a selection of practical actions any church can take to make a difference.

They start with a brief biblical overview of Christian responsibility in this area and then list a total of 58 straightforward ideas under nine headings.

  1. Church buildings
  2. Use of buildings
  3. The office
  4. The kitchen
  5. The grounds
  6. Church members
  7. Local and global mission
  8. Individual responsibilities
  9. Simple living

Training Notes TN122, Your eco-church check-up, are now available without charge from the Training Notes index page of my website.

The most recent Articles on the website

‘Training Notes’, like the two new sets described above, are quick-reads of no more than 2,000 words. ‘Articles’ are longer and deal with their topics in more detail. Here are the most recently published ones available to you on the Articles index page.

A46  Redefining ‘management’
Three Bible images to consider

A45  How to lead a team at church
Practical help for beginners

A44  Making things happen
Project management for churches

A43  Every member on active service
How to mobilise your church

A42  What do Church Administrators do?
Roles defined

A41  Going deeper into meetings
2:  People issues

A40  Going deeper into meetings
1:  Planning issues

With my warmest good wishes for your service for Christ in all its varied forms