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Resources e-letter 19:4 - August 2019

Information, this time, about two new sets of Training Notes just uploaded. They are TN116, Global mission giving, and TN117, Building project preparations. This is followed by a listing of all resources relating to speaking and presentations.
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NEW: ‘Global mission giving’

Christ’s final command to us was to go into all the world. These notes assume your church believes it is right to support worldwide Christian work and lists what and who to support and how you might organise this.

There is a list of seven ideas for different kinds of global work you might give to. These include Christian mission agencies, individual mission workers, Third World projects, global relief work and others. It is worth keeping all the possibilities in mind.

The notes then give a second list of seven ways to organise such giving. These include direct giving to individuals, earmarked funds to a society, a percentage of a church’s general fund income, a percentage of project giving, and others. The challenge is to see whether you might broaden your present range.

There are then specific issues to consider whatever choices you make, the right context of teaching and prayer, and the idea of appointing a ‘mission champion’.

Training Notes TN116, Global mission giving, are now available without charge from the Training Notes index page of this website.

NEW: ‘Building project preparations’

These notes are designed to start you off on a building project by asking the right questions before you appoint an architect. The list starts as follows:

  1. What is the precise need?
  2. Who are we seeking to serve?
  3. How committed are we to praying for the vision?
  4. What spaces do we need?
  5. What do we want this building to say?
  6. How flexible to we want to be for how long?

With another six questions to provide the list of 12.

This is then followed by a listing of 12 more technical questions, six to check out potential architects and six regarding official permissions you will need. If your church is considering any form of new build or reordering project, here is a wise way to launch the process with checklists to work through so you do not miss something vital.

Training Notes TN117, Building project preparations, are now available without charge from the Training Notes index page of this website.

A list of all resources on speaking and presentations

These are all tagged within the Communications theme. All are accessed from the Articles index page for items marked A or the Training Notes index page for items marked TN.


A10   An introduction to the art of training
Help people learn new skills through church-based training

A19   Speaking so that people listen
The technique of speaking in public for all leaders and preachers

A23   Job applications in Christian ministry
Part B: Presentation covering job interviews and more

TN1   Preparing to read the lesson
How to help those who have this vital role in your Sunday services

TN16   Interviews in church services
How to do them so that they are effective means of communication

TN47   Breathing life into the intercessions
A creative approach to leading in prayer so that everyone prays

TN52   The perils of PowerPoint
The typical church mistakes to avoid so that you use this tool well

TN56   Questions for preachers
A listing of what to ask when preparing to explain a Bible passage

TN82   Print or screen?
The advantages of switching to screens for services, and the snags

TN93   And now for the notices
How to fulfil this humble task in a creative way

TN105   Recording a voicemail message
Helpful advice for what is not quite as straightforward as some think


With my warmest good wishes for any summer break you may be taking.