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Resources e-letter 17:1 - February 2017

This includes a synopsis of Article A39 giving a template for a Church Communications Plan, an explanation of the subject index pages on the website, and details of forthcoming Area Training Days for those who work as Church Administrators.
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NEW: A plan for your communications – a template for churches’

Almost every church leadership feel their church communications are not what they ought to be, but few have any kind of coherent plan in place to address the problem.

This article shows how to put such a Church Communications Plan together. It suggests a template of ten sections to answer the following questions:

  1. Why are we doing this?
  2. Who's got something to say?
  3. How can we get it across?
  4. What basic data do we need?
  5. What are we trying to say?
  6. What should work best?
  7. Where might things go wrong?
  8. Who's responsible?
  9. What are we going to change?
  10. How does this work in practice?

The article provides a suggested analysis within each of these while leaving each church free to adapt it as they wish.

A plan for your communications – a template for churches is now available at A39 on the Articles page of the website. As with all items on the page it may be downloaded or printed out without charge (for up to 30 copies).

Check out the subject index pages

The general Resources section of my website shows all 39 Articles, 98 Training Notes and the two major Health-checks. These items are also listed alphabetically on one page, and then by subject matter on six topic index pages: Leadership, Management, Structures, Planning, Communication and Administration. For example, you will also find the Article above listed on the Communication page with a range of other, related items.

The subject index pages offer you an easier way of finding what is available on a specific topic. But if you know the title of the item, the Alphabetical page may be even better.

Area Training day bookings for Church Administrators

If you have administrators in any form on your church staff, and are within travelling distance of Birmingham, St Albans and Guildford, please ensure they are booked in for the appropriate Area Training Day in May. Details on the UCAN events page of the website. Members of the UK Church Administrator Network have been informed but for others I rely on those receiving this to let people know.

Similar days are being planned for Nottingham in July and Belfast in September, with other venues to follow in 2018 (likely to be Edinburgh/Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Kent area, Bristol/Bath, Southampton, Plymouth, Hexham).

Thank you for your interest in the Resources section of my website and with my warmest good wishes