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Resources e-letter 16:3 - June 2016

In this issue there are details of the new Training Notes TN94, Becoming self-aware, and information about items that have recently been updated.
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NEW: ‘Becoming self-aware’

Christian leaders, staff and all who work in teams need to be aware of how they come across to others, yet this is often not the case. The notes first list factors that impact our self-awareness (including failure to appreciate God's love and grace, childhood background, society's norms and pride).

There are then seven areas of advice:

  • Focus on your discipleship of Jesus Christ.
  • Find family and friends who can be honest.
  • Seek workplace review and feedback.
  • Do all this as a team exercise.
  • Give yourself time away to process what you discover.
  • Find someone to be accountable to.
  • Apologise when you need to.

Becoming self-aware is now available at TN94 on the Training Notes pages of the website.

Updating items in the Resources section of the site

There are now 136 different items available, and I check and update each one every two years. This means I can make improvements, add in further ideas suggested by others and update legal information and weblinks. So always check back to the site to ensure you have the most recent version of each resource.

You can also use the Resources weblink above to find a pdf listing all resources which you can print out. Here is a list of April/May updates.

A5          How to chair meetings – An orchestral approach
A25        Working from home – Boundaries, discipline and space
A29        A basic guide to paper and print – Helping you communicate

Training Notes
TN13      A purpose statement for those who chair
TN14      Setting up a Newcomers Team
TN29      What’s your real church income?
TN30      How to give and receive criticism
TN82      Print or screen?
TN83      The service isn’t over yet

Thank you for your interest in the Resources section of my website and with my warmest good wishes