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Resources e-letter 14:6 - December 2014

A new set of Training Notes has been added to the website. There is an outline of TN84, How to say 'No' when you should, which has a range of applications, plus Christmas greetings.

NEW: How to say ‘No’ when you should

Many of us tend to say 'Yes' when asked to undertake a future assignment, to help out in some way or to join a group, perhaps because it makes us feel important and wanted or we simply feel we ought to agree, even if our time is already very full.

These notes are designed to help you assess such requests and show how you can say 'No' if you feel that is the correct answer. Here are:

  • Ten reasons why we love to say 'Yes'
  • Five questions for groups
  • Ten means to help you assess the request
  • Ten questions to ask yourself
  • Five ideas for how to say 'No'.

Training Notes TN84, How to say ‘No’ when you should, are now available online. Valuable material for, perhaps, you post-Christmas reading as you think ahead to a New Year.

Christmas greetings

So let me say ‘no’ to adding more content this time because everyone receiving this will be extra busy at the moment.

Instead may I send you my greetings for Christmas, the time when we remember an unknown teenager giving birth, an event so ordinary yet extraordinary that “heaven, unable to contain its amazement any longer, spilled out momentarily into earth and explained itself” (Poem: The shepherds by Godfrey Rust).

Thank you for your interest in my website and with my warmest good wishes in our Saviour for Christmas and all that next year holds.