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Resources e-letter 13:4 - August 2013

A new article has just been published: A31 Helping people back to church. This e-letter also includes a listing of resources on staff management and news of the September IT training day being run by UCAN.

NEW: Helping people back to church

It will soon be ‘Back to Church Sunday’ but Article A31 assumes that you want to have this aim every week of the year. However instead of looking at the human side of welcome, this considers instead some basic thinking we often overlook. There are three parts.

Presence in your local community
A recommended strategy to help people know your building and have a good impression of it, know some of your people and feel they might fit in with them, and know something of what your people do in your building and find that interesting.

Let me in!
Four vital steps to help people locate the site, reach the building, find the door and get inside. It sounds so obvious but often is not.

Speaking without words
Nine messages your buildings and equipment ought to communicate: from “I want you to feel at ease” through “cleanliness is next to godliness” to “everyone is welcome here”.

The human welcome matters most of all, but fail to consider these three issues and your ‘back to churcher’ may not get as far as that.

A31, Helping people back to church, is now available on the Articles, Management and Communication pages of the Resources section of the website.  If you have registered on the site, do add a comment.

Training day in IT fully booked

The UK Church Administrator Network (UCAN) is working with St Saviour’s Church, Guildford to run a professional IT training day for Church Administrators and other church members on Tuesday 24th September.

The day will cover MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook and Adobe Indesign.  The day is now full but see www.UCAN-do-IT.org to register an interest should there be any cancellations.  The cost is £55.  Training is provided by professional trainers Hill McManus.

We are considering running a similar day in Leeds next year.

Resources on staff management

The Resources section of the website has six subject indexes as well as the Articles, Training Notes and Health-checks listings.  Here is what is included on the Management page in the section on ‘Staff management’.

A3      Salary differentials for Christian staff – a case of worldly thinking?
A6      Job descriptions – advice and examples for staff and volunteers
A8      Worker agreements – appropriate paperwork for church use
A17     Staff selection step-by-step – from advertisement to interview
TN17   Suggested questions for an annual review
TN20   Line management in a church staff team
TN37   To pay or not to pay?
TN65   Sharp interview questions
TN66   A daily office for church staff

Thank you for your interest in the website. Please tell others about it. I welcome feedback so that I can be constantly improving it. It is updated every two or three days and there is a constant stream of new material being added to its various sections. If you’ve not visited recently, have a good look round.