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Resources e-letter 12:6 - December 2012

TN71, Seatings for meetings, is the title of the latest set of Training Notes to be uploaded to the site. The notes encourage churches to study seating layouts for their business meetings as these can have a powerful impact on effectiveness.

NEW: Seatings for meetings

The latest set of Training Notes, uploaded yesterday, seeks to encourage the study of seating layouts at church and other business meetings. The choice of layout speaks loudly about issues to do with formality, relationships and authority. Six different layouts are shown for a meeting of 18 people and analysed:

  1. Top table
  2. Boardroom
  3. Circle
  4. Arcs
  5. Living room
  6. Buzz groups.

These are followed by seven general points, with the emphasis that the seating layout needs to serve the purpose of the meeting. As different agenda items may have different purposes this may point to a need to change the layout at various times in one session.

If you chair any group that meets for business or if you serve on any such group, here is something to make you ponder and help you reconsider your current practice.

Training Notes TN71 Seatings for meetings, are now available in the Training Notes listing of the Resources section of the website. As always you are welcome to download the notes and/or print up to 30 copies without charge.


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Cheatings for Administrators

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Final bleatings!

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