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Resources e-letter 12:4 - August 2012

Here are details of two new sets of Training Notes for the summer.  TN67 Stress and the Christian worker is for everyone. TN68 Administrators who miss the point is for all who have an administrative role of any kind. There is also news of UCAN events.

NEW: Stress and the Christian worker

These notes consist of a range of checklists to help you understand how stress, or more accurately 'distress', can impact anyone in Christian ministry. A basic understanding of this subject can help you take corrective action before you find yourself in trouble. These notes are designed for Ministers, members of church staff teams, mission workers or, for that matter, anyone.

The checklists are as follows:

  • Ten reasons why Christian ministry can be distressful
  • Five factors that affect stress levels
  • Ten distress signals from our bodies
  • Ten behavioural reactions
  • Five spiritual reactions
  • Ten corrective actions to take

The notes end with two ideas for Bible-themed group discussion.

Training Notes TN57, Stress and the Christian worker, are now available in the Training Notes listing of the Resources section of the website.  As always you are welcome to download the notes and/or print up to 30 copies without charge.

NEW: Administrators who miss the point

The second set of notes for August is aimed at anyone who acts in an administrative role in church life whether paid Church Administrator or voluntary Treasurer, Organiser or Secretary.

These notes take the example of Martha in Luke 10:38-42 and analyse what might have led to the mild rebuke that Jesus gave her for fussing over the meal that night. They then apply the points to the work of administrators today who may be in danger of following Martha in at least one of these areas.

  1. Worried with detail, losing sight of the purpose
  2. Frantic in multi-tasking, with a victim mentality
  3. Centred on things, rather than interested in people
  4. Busy on Jesus' work, but failing to spend time with him

To work against each of these in turn the advice is to (1) publish the purpose, (2) plan ahead, (3) pray for those you serve, and (4) place Jesus first.

Training Notes TN58, Administrators who miss the point, are now available in the Training Notes listing of the Resources section of the website.

.... and while on the subject of Administrators

If your church employs a Church Administrator in any form, please ensure they are aware of the following events.  If they are members of the UK Church Administrator Network (UCAN) they will already receive information about these, but if not please encourage them to join UCAN and receive all the benefits of specialist resources in the members-only section of the website.

UCAN Area Training Days

We have covered St Albans, Belfast, Birmingham, Guildford and Leeds and now come to:

Sevenoaks– 17th September with full details on the UCAN events page in the Administrators section of the website

Manchester– 22nd January 2013 (invitations available from September)

Bath– 25th February (invitations available mid-autumn)

London– details to follow later.


Cutting Edge

This annual conference is designed for those who work as church Operations Directors, Business Managers and in other similar posts.  The 2012 event was held in London in July and the website includes recordings from John Preston’s talks on stewardship for Administrators.

The 2013 event is a residential from 11th to 13th March at King’s Park, Northampton and all ‘senior manager’ UCAN members will be receiving their invitations in September.  Speakers include Mark Greene and Claire Pedrick.  These events are restricted to UCAN members.  The website includes instructions for how to join online.