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Resources e-letter 12:1 - February 2012

This e-letter announces the latest Article to be uploaded to the site, A28 Rooms to let. This is designed for churches wanting to hire out their premises or review their current arrangements. There is also a note on the site's thematic index pages with examples from the Planning page.

Rooms to let

Here is detailed advice on how to go about letting your church buildings out for others to use. There are nine sections divided into three parts as follows:

Them and us

  • Clarify purpose and vision
  • Assess the spaces available
  • Identify your target users

Nuts and bolts

  • Fix the pricing structure
  • Take advice on legal details
  • Beware potential problems

Serve and volley

  • Serve professionally
  • Set up management and staffing
  • Market your product

This article will be invaluable to any church letting out its premises for the first time or reviewing or extending its present level of lettings.

To download or print this out, go here or see A28 on the Articles page of the Resources section.  You can check out a complete listing of all the Articles or the Training Notes or the Health-checks.  There are 97 items all available free of charge for individual use, as discussion-starters for church councils and leadership groups, and for encouraging and training those involved in various areas of church service.

Theme indexes

The Resources section of the website also lists all the items under six themes:Leadership, Management, Structures, Planning, Communication and Administration. Within each of these there are further sub-divisions.

As an example, here are items listed under ‘Planning’ and the sub-division, ‘The planning process’.

A4      Twelve questions to help you plan
TN17   Suggested questions for an annual review
TN25   The radical values that Jesus taught
TN32   What do you mean by ‘vision’?
TN48   Let’s get purpose statements right
TN54   Creating space for a Planning Retreat.

Check out these index pages when searching for items you need

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