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Resources e-letter 11/1 - February 2011

This gives details of Article A26, The office of Lay Minister, and then lists resources available on the website on matters relating to church meetings. There are short items on registration and on the Twitter feed.

Points to ponder re Readers, Local Preachers and Lay Pastors

The latest Article sets out three proposals for change for Lay Ministers.

The office of Lay Minister first studies how this office is similar and yet different from other voluntary church roles, with a case study from Readers in the Church of England. Two proposals for change follow.

It then considers how such Lay Ministers are managed and makes a third proposal. The implications for Lay Ministers who are gifted preachers, pastors or pioneers are considered.

The three proposals are as follows:

  • There should be a shift from ministry itself to enabling others in ministry
  • There should be a shift from 'doing ministry' to 'being mission'
  • There should be a shift to tighter management discipline as a role model.

Find the file for Article A26 at http://www.john-truscott.co.uk/Resources/Articles/The-office-of-Lay-Minister.

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Items about church meetings

We are at the time of year when many churches are approaching their annual meeting.  Whatever type of meeting you are concerned with, here are the items on the website that cover some aspect of this area of church life.

 How to chair meetings – an orchestral approach  (Article A5)

Annual meetings can be different – ideas to experiment with  (Article A20)

Mission-shaped Church Councils – three ways forward  (Article A24)

Major decisions: a new approach  (Training Notes TN8)

A purpose statement for those who chair  (Training Notes TN13)

Are you sure it’s minutes you need?  (Training Notes TN45)

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If you are keen on the kind of issues I am dealing with (“creative organisation” is the umbrella theme), and have things to say about some of the topics I am writing about, please start reacting to them.  I am not looking so much for praise or criticism on the items (but I will take both!) but debate or comment on the issues.

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