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First published on this website in July 2002 and last updated in December 2013

Words: 1000
Size: 132 kB
Categories: Management


These notes are designed as a way-in to a leadership discussion on how any local church might give proper attention to the work-place ministry of their members. There are ten questions with notes. Each question is asked in two different forms: one for Ministers/leaders (M) and one for everyone else (E).

Q1-5: Work itself
Sample question:
M2 What teaching do you give your members on work itself as Christian ministry?
E2 When was the last sermon you heard on your work-place activity being your worship?

Q6-10: Witness in the work-place
Sample question:
M7 How (and how often) do you help your church members to challenge the non-Christian world-views and management practices that many of them meet daily?
E7 How (and how often) are you helped by your church to make the ethical and moral work-place decisions that confront you as a Christian?


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These notes have been updated in December 2013 with minor amendments throughout the text.

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