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If you need practical help for Christian ministry, or fresh ideas to make you sit up and think, here are 139 resources not to miss. They are all available free of charge (minimal conditions apply).

This section gives access to:

  • Articles - items of up to 10,000 words covering a wide range of topics
  • Training Notes - shorter, no more than 2,000 words, a 5 minute read
  • Health-checks - detailed models for testing both churches and mission agencies

The same items are also indexed by the themes of:

There is also a complete listing of all items in alphabetical order by title:

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I check, update and, I hope, improve each Article and set of Training Notes at least once every two years. For example, in October 2016 I updated Articles A14 and A15, plus Training Notes TN9 (major update), TN45 and TN57.

I welcome feedback by email and will amend items and add notes in the light of comments received. That's the beauty of web publishing.

Note that UCAN members have a range of more specialised or technical resources available for them on the UCAN resources page in the Administrators section of this website for which they need to log in first.



To produce a printed listing of all the resources, download the following file, print pages 1 and 2 backed on card (set at 'actual size' not 'to fit'), trim to just cut off the dotted lines and fold.

creative organisation for effective christian ministry


Please continue sending your wonderful and excellent information. Many of your resources have been such a help in times of need.

A Minister in an email - June 2016

Latest addition to the Resources section

October 2016

See Training Notes TN95, Exit interviews for everyone and TN96, Courtesy in church. Find these on the Training Notes page and again on the Management, Planning and Alphabetical index pages.

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