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First published on this website in April 2011 and last updated in February 2013

Words: 1800
Size: 130 kB
Categories: Management, Planning


When proposing a change in church (whether in buildings, routines or attitudes), we are all familiar with the OMDB brigade (Over My Dead Body). But some people oppose change for very good reasons, usually connected with their personality, background or present circumstances. The successful change-manager needs to be able to understand where people are coming from and then help them through what may well be a painful process.

Here are ten case studies. Put yourself in the shoes of Alf, Beryl, Callum, Debbie, Ewan, Fran, George, Helen, Iris and Jack and you will realise that their opposition is quite understandable. These notes are ideal for group use as there are questions to work through on each of the ten characters.


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These notes have been updated in February 2013 with minor amendments throughout the text.

Great examples. Worth thinking through and creating a checklist for your own church as to what needs to be included when managing change.

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