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First published on this website in April 2005 and last updated in December 2012

Words: 1300
Size: 127 kB
Categories: Communication


The case is put for a new official appointment in each church.  We live in a visual age and churches need to use photographs, especially of people, much more than they do.  Seven applications are suggested.

  1. Individual portraits of everyone
  2. Internal newsletters
  3. Visual displays
  4. Church building guides
  5. Leaflets for local distribution / welcome packs
  6. Websites
  7. Press releases.


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These notes were last updated in December 2012 with minor amendments throughout the text.

When I was an incumbent (I am now retired) we managed to produce a church guide and a DVD making use of the porfessional skills of postgraduate students from the local photography department of the university. They did both projects as ways of improving their CV and as evidence for experience in searching for jobs. We only paid minimal costs and it was a very fruitful way of having a church photographer albeit on a one off basis.

We did also have a member of the congregation who was resposible for taking photographs at all church events and this was extremely useful in providing illustrative material for church publicity, newsletters, the church web site and so forth.

So I fully endorse John's recommendation that the appointment of a church photographer is a good thing!

Donald C Macdonald

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