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First published on this website in June 2011 and last updated in April 2013

Words: 2000
Size: 146 kB
Categories: Administration, Management


A light-hearted look at the world of Winnie-the-Pooh with a serious intent to help administrators assess how they come across to others. Four types of administrator are discussed, each listed with three advantages and three downsides.

  1. The Rabbit-type is a brilliant organiser but has few people-skills.
  2. The Piglet-type scores on loyalty and humility but lacks initiative.
  3. The Eeyore-type is unflappable in a crisis but is a glass-half-empty person.
  4. The Kanga-type is a sensible people-person but people take priority over task.

These four types of administrator then have to work within a church populated by Poohs, Owls, Tiggers and Roos. The theory is that a good administrator is a balanced mix of all four types, rather than scoring well in one at the expense of the others.


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These notes were updated in April 2013 with minor amendments to the text.

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