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Boundaries, discipline and space

First published on this website in July 2010 and last updated in July 2012

Words: 6500
Size: 185 kB
Categories: Administration, Leadership


Why is it that there is virtually no training available for clergy and church workers on coping with the special pressures experienced when the work base is situated within the home? This article offers analysis and practical guidelines over three broad areas.

A: Work/home boundaries
Four home-working models are explained: Contained, Permeable, Overflowing and Imploding. Practical suggestions for action follow.

B: Personal discipline
Four examples are discussed: the daily schedule, the tracking of expenses, taking time off and not wasting time.

C: The working space
Six issues are covered including who else uses the study, its different purposes, location, design and security.


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This Article was updated in July 2012 with minor amendments throughout the text.

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