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Rethinking your church's practice

First published on this website in June 2009 and last updated in May 2013

Words: 7100
Size: 213 kB
Categories: Communication


Websites have become a vital means of communication but print still has an important role to play. Here is an article to help you reassess your church’s use of print for outreach.

How to conduct a review
1 Analyse each item of print

2 Assess  all your print

3 Think ‘their need’ not ‘our want’

4 Question means and distribution

5 Put someone in charge

Example 1 – an outreach leaflet
The rut of purpose – the rut of design and content – the rut of distribution – the rut of disconnection

Example 2 – a welcome leaflet/folder
Shapes and sizes – content – not so welcoming... – ideas to follow


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This article has been updated in May 2013 with minor alterations throughout the text.

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