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From advertisement to interview

First published on this website in August 2007 and last updated in July 2013

Words: 7400
Size: 202 kB
Categories: Management, Structures


An article written for those asked to prepare a selection process for a new member of staff but with no HR department to fall back on. It is written in RAQ (Rarely Asked Questions) format.

1 What is a selection process all about?

2 How long does it all take?

3 What do applicants need to know about us?

4 What do we need to know about them

5 How do we discover the appropriate information?

6 How do we short-list accurately?

7 When do we ask for references?

8 What might we include in the interview period?

9 How do we prepare a formal interview?

10 How should we structure a good interview?

11 How can we bring the interview to life

12 How do we come to a wise decision?


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This article has been updated in July 2013 with minor additions and alterations to the text and some redesign.

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