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For administrators and leaders

First published on this website in August 2011 and last updated in July 2013

Words: 5300
Size: 185 kB
Categories: Administration, Leadership


The article first sets the scene by considering our duty to God to be reliable disciples. He is utterly true in all he promises - to be godly we need to be reflect his character.

It then takes as illustration a range of practical applications:

  • for churches - being true to all that is claimed
  • for Christian administrators - in the church office, delivering on time, attending to detail, etc.
  • for Christian leaders - seeking out other leaders, keeping confidences, learning to say 'no'.

There is also a personal checklist for use by anyone covering delivery, diary, time-keeping, recall, confidences, deskwork, finances, prayer, planning and life.  The article concludes with a group exercise so that it can be used as a discussion starter as well as for individual study.


To read or download this item, click here: PDF a27.pdf

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This article has been updated in July 2013 with minor alterations throughout the text.

Good point about the environment in which we work which shows it can be a bit artificial to isolate one issue like this. Non-replies to emails etc. I find take up time, but I have to be careful about specks of sawdust v planks in all this. Reliability and warmth of personality don't always go together.

Re A27
Excellent breakdown of what is needed personally. But what if other people's systems are hampering your ability to deliver and your own cost effectiveness? Generally speaking the bible teaches tolerance. I might have a low score there. Although I probably also score badly on assertiveness. Any ideas? Psychology?!

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