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For administrators and leaders

First published on this website in August 2011 and last updated in July 2013

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The article first sets the scene by considering our duty to God to be reliable disciples. He is utterly true in all he promises - to be godly we need to be reflect his character.

It then takes as illustration a range of practical applications:

  • for churches - being true to all that is claimed
  • for Christian administrators - in the church office, delivering on time, attending to detail, etc.
  • for Christian leaders - seeking out other leaders, keeping confidences, learning to say 'no'.

There is also a personal checklist for use by anyone covering delivery, diary, time-keeping, recall, confidences, deskwork, finances, prayer, planning and life.  The article concludes with a group exercise so that it can be used as a discussion starter as well as for individual study.


Here is the link to this item: PDF A27 - Reliability in ministry.pdf

Author's notes

Here is one comment received:

"Excellent breakdown of what is needed personally. But what if other people's systems are hampering your ability to deliver and your own cost effectiveness? Generally speaking the Bible teaches tolerance."

I replied:

"Good point about the environment in which we work which shows it can be a bit artificial to isolate one issue like this. Non-replies to emails etc. I find take up time, but I have to be careful about specks of sawdust v planks in all this. Reliability and warmth of personality don't always go together."