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How to get excited about filing!

First published on this website in January 2001 and last updated in July 2013

Words: 6400
Size: 190 kB
Categories: Administration, Leadership


The article takes a creative approach to the (dull?) subject of filing and is written for all who work in a church office, but also for Ministers and other Christian workers who are based in a study at home. Once you have read this, filing will never be the same again...!

A misunderstood subject
It has the wrong image – it is the wrong word – it gives the wrong impression

Three different types of filing 
After a quick look at the actions of binning and passing items, three types of filing are distinguished: Holding, Filing itself, Storing. Dare you try the 20 second test?

Setting up a filing system
Three principles:

  • Choose the right methods before you consider categories
  • Aim for no more than about eight categories and then sub-divide
  • Choose the most sensible and simple order for finding items


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This article was updated in July 2013 with minor alterations throughout the text.

One of the most profound comments in this article is also one of the most domestic... the idea that filing in the office is no different from filing in the bedroom or kitchen! I have separate cupboards for plates and pans, and the bread maker is kept in the pantry, and the cutlery drawer is not where I keep the toaster. It all sounds so simple when it is put like that, and has really helped me get appropriate filing systems for my office - thanks John!

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